Which Type of License do I need?
There are many types of licenses. In general, it depends if you will serve food. Will you serve beer and wine only, or beer, wine and distilled spirits? The type of license required is very specific to your business.
Where can I move a license to or from?
Licenses are restricted by county boundaries. In general licenses can be moved freely within a county except for specific San Francisco County licenses.
What is the cost of license?
The cost of licenses depends on the type of license, the county the license will be in, plus supply and demand within a county. Some Bay Area counties are as low as $12,000 while others are in excess of $100,000.
As a Buyer, what are the fees?
Buyers traditionally pay the license locators fee and escrow fees.
As a Seller, what are the fees?
The Seller is responsible to keep their license in good standing which includes the renewal fee.
May I get a Temporary License?
Absolutely! ABC has provisions to issue a Temporary license while the permanent license is being processed. There are some restrictions.
What is the time from start to finish?
Once the ABC documents are submitted, ABC estimates 45-60 days. However in counties with multi level of agencies that must approve the transfer, such as San Francisco, it may take months. The actual time is dependant on various agencies plus the volume of applications at that specific ABC district office.